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Tree Skeleton is healing music of un-suppressed self-exploration and euphoric expressions of both pain and beauty. Her music falls somewhere along the lines of the singer-songwriter, gothic folk, and a mix of experimental music genres with a subtle yet solid pop foundation. She sings with an honest clean voice that conveys a bittersweet purity of spirit mixed with the regal grounding of a solemn earthly sage. Analog and digital synthesizers, acoustic and electronic drums, and other DIY percussive instruments create a musical atmosphere drenched in self-reflection & sincerity. The instrumentation ranges from ethereal synth orchestration, layers of textured ambient sounds, pounding percussion, to barebones acoustic tribal rhythms weaved together by the beauty and depth of simplicity and moments of silence. Her music is influenced by groups like This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Dance, Bjork, Edward Ka-Spel, Prince, and Black Tape for a Blue Girl to name a few. Her music also showcases her background as a longtime electronic producer. Cristina Fuentes is a member of the record labels Subconscious Communications Records and Dark Matter Soundsystem.