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Amanda Cherie is a genre bending American singer, songwriter and rapper with a velvety vintage Hollywood voice, savagely self•aware storytelling and eclectically crafted sounds. 
 Describing eccentric thought streams akin to dark comedy, Amanda’s music is infused with a sassy personality, a background in psychology, and a string of wins, losses and rejections from the TEDx stage to “the Teds who didn’t work out.” 
 Amanda’s textured, soulful voice can be attributed to an unconventionally traditional childhood on what she describes as “all things backwoods and vintage.” Think Billie Holiday, backwoods gospel and bluegrass. Growing up on 1920s to 1960s entertainment from “Betty Boop” to “I Love Lucy,” Amanda was mesmerized with vintage Hollywood style and storytelling. 
 As her music listening exposure broadened, her inspirations grew to an eclectic range of hip hop, soul, tech house, jazz, blues, piano pop, classical and opera, all present in Amanda’s eclectic, genre bending musical listening experience.