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Despite a consistent string of releases since 2015, by 2019 Bamidele was on the verge of quitting his own music after the death of his father and the ensuing pandemic. “I started producing for other people to take pressure off of the ego and the constant self-examination of being a solo songwriter,” he explains, summing up a year of personal and collective loss. The following twelve months, however, was profoundly transformative, leading Bamidele back to tracks “Tethered” and “Painted Over” that had sat unfinished for years. “There’s something about a song being with you for a long period of time that seems to give it extra gravity. I like hanging around with the music and whenever it's ready to go, it's ready.” 
 Bamidele’s latest self-produced release, 'Uncrowded', is neo-soul with raw edges. On “Other Side,” Bamidele’s conviction bursts forward with a sense of purpose and hope as he sings about the world-wide uprising that now defines 2020. The impassioned, “Tethered” sensual yet tinged with melancholy, sees Bamidele finally surrendering to real love, while “Painted Over” finds him desiring flight over fight when feelings get too deep. Park the Van Records calls his music captivating, describing it as "full of love, pain, and experience– coupled with his effortless songwriting.” ~ Chaka V. Grier