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Sir Collapse dissect the grunge. But instead of assembling the genre almost faithful, they used their instruments to breathe an organic sound into their album “Walk to the Moon”. With a passion for detail they recorded all songs live in a studio and preserved the requisite soul in the album to pinpoint the auditory nerves. The mixture of different genres like stoner, punk, noise and garage rock leads to a warm and organic sound that Underdog Fanzine calls it “a warm and melodically grooving collapse sound”. 
 Since their formation 2013 the quartett plays in clubs and on festivals of all shades – whether it is in Belgium, Netherlands or Germany. Their energetic live performance and their dirty sound let outsiders think the band compensates their therapy sessions and worships the devil by the way. 
 Sir Collapse are: 
 Lukas Küppers – vocals Philipp Krach – guitar Dennis Özmen – bass Martin Herrmann – drums