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Heather Edgley is a Baroque Pop and Indie Pop singer-songwriter known for her contemporary style and ethereal voice that captivates audiences with the vulnerability of her tone and lyrics. Her band's developing sound combines the cinematic instrumentation and emotion-driven melodies of the baroque pop variety, drawing influences from Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Rey, and the energized dynamics of the indie rock and indie pop genre, with thoughtfully crafted lyricism emboldened with the wit of singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor. ​Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she is a local Seattle artist who has been song writing since the age of seven, is a self-taught pianist, and has been performing around the Seattle Music Scene for over three years. Drawing influences from Pop, Folk, Indie, Contemporary, and Classical music, her songs are crafted through a process of natural expression and careful thoughtfulness about the human experience, existentialism, life, love, death, and the struggles we encounter.

She believes uninhibited expression is the most genuine way to connect us all through her music. Her songs reveal lighthearted commentaries on the human experience as well as the secrets of her soul. She writes of the sensitive topics we often don’t talk about in order to connect with her listeners on the deepest level, reminding us, even just for a moment, that we are not alone in our struggle, fight, or feelings.