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Hi, this is Alice writing, I'm the creative director of Birthh which means that everything you hear on this page was written, arranged and produced by me. The music I’m releasing now - starting September 20th 2019 - was recorded in New York. The majority of it was tracked by Lucius Page at Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan and mixed by Robert Dorsey at RMF in Astoria. I usually write and produce in my bedroom, my bedroom isn’t always in the same place but that’s alright cause all I need is my laptop, a guitar, a midi keyboard, and a condenser microphone. Every individual who has collaborated with me on this project helped make my vision more powerful and intelligible. My ultimate goal is to keep growing and evolving until I am able to create a self-supporting structure based on the values of beauty and discovery, where money is used as a means to navigate through society and impact as many people as possible. I have always found it hard to balance the empirical aspects of life with the human necessity to elevate past the tangible means of our world. Throughout my life I’ve been lucky enough to find, through music, the means through which these opposites can coexist in perfect harmony. I am working every day not only to ensure that the songs I create are at their best, but, most importantly, I want to provide a tool that ignites our curiosity and reminds us how lucky we are to be humans who can experience blue skies, sunsets and all the beauty the universe has to offer.