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CHURCH TRAP IS THE RAW UNADULTERATED TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD IN EVIL TIMES. "The New Nature" is a CHRISTIAN TRAP/EDM group from Tampa, FL whose vision was conceived while being locked up in Federal Prison. Members Jason Martinez, Joey Dunlap, and Jacob McCowan met while being incarcerated at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp and later recruited AJ Chambers to DJ for the group. The New Nature is not just about music, it’s a movement! It’s about being changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The New Nature is what it means to “be born again”. It is the demonstration of the Power of God. In these last days God is raising up a generation who will serve him and stand for the truth even if it costs them their reputation or their life. They will not be moved or shaken or take the Mark of the Beast or participate in the world's system. This will be a Holy Generation who will remain unspotted from the world and will hate sin and expose evil and wickedness in all it's forms. "The New Nature" is the VOICE OF THIS NEW GENERATION and "Church Trap Volume I" is it's ANTHEM! Please visit the official site at God Bless!