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How did our parents survive college finals without chill ambient playlists? Thanks to streaming services, blocking out distractions and maintaining focus has never been easier, and Study With Us is a collection of new age music with a variety of vibes and energies. Serene keyboard loops, walls of static and white noise, droning synths - whatever helps to clear your mind and boost your beta waves- we’ve got you. You have a tutor for class, now tutor your soul with these frequencies until it’s learned in the art of zen study, because a peaceful homework session is a productive one. Study With Us is a part of the Lullify Music Group family. 💜 #LifeWithSound A little more about LULLIFY™️ and living LIFE WITH SOUND™️. Spanning genres beyond new age, our listeners stream a variety of music - from lo-fi beats and smooth jazz, to nature recordings and children's songs -

we aim to set moods, relieve stress, and take listeners to new places with soundscapes that help them practice wellness. Furthermore, we’re committed to re-shaping the conversation around mental health through the music we produce and the playlists we curate. That’s why a portion of all Lullify royalties go to The Anxiety and Depression Association Of America (ADAA). Please join us in this cause so we can work to #BreakTheStigma surrounding anxiety and depression.