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"New York City, Aug 19, 2020 ( Formed in 1987 by eminent musician Felip Mars, the band made a remarkable contribution to the alternative metal genre, enriching it with dynamic elements. After several successful full-length albums, the band faced some difficult times and their musical days came to a standstill. After more than 25 years, the band is back again with their classy tone, staggering riffs, and their supreme performance. Every composition is extraordinarily varied, unique, and bewildering with their iconic melodies and distorted guitars. Hailing from München, Germany, the brilliant band has resumed their musical endeavors defying all odds giving wings to their boundless imagination. Establishing their own production house Cucumber Records, Cucumber Forest is bringing a new wave of alt-metal through the exclusive production of their latest numbers ‘Flight to Alpha Centauri’ and ‘Snake Oil’. Opulent with avant-garde passages of mesmerizing sonic textures, the songs effortlessly form heart-pounding symphonies of pure perfection."