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Midnight Angels is a sister duo team composed of: Lysette Lee (guitar/vocals), and Christine Lee (vocals/keyboards/bass). Their session drummer is Nathan Ballard. The band is based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Midnight Angels produces teenpop, synthpop, and alternative music. Christine and Lysette are sisters who love exciting audiences with their high level musical talents. Lysette can shred an electric guitar. She also surfs, skateboards, plays Minecraft, and doodles really cool cartoons. Christine started out as a commercial model/actress for Bobby Ball Agency in Burbank. Before joining the band, she was a competitive figure skater. She digs Piplup, Pokémon, Boba Tea, and Star Wars!

Lysette and Christine both love dolphins and are taking scuba lessons for a future underwater YouTube show. Nathan has been jamming with the band since August 2020. In addition to being an avid drummer, he is also a professional actor, and loves to exercise and power lift. The band members have over 50 professional gigs under their belt. Sign up on their email list to check out their musical adventures and to get free merchandise!