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“I try to capture the immediacy and truth of a given moment in sound and rhythm.” Sean Savage is a fan of music. “I think music should make you move, evoke an emotional response and be memorable.” In 2013 Savage founded Dibgate Records. “It was important for me to be able to make my music my way and release it myself. Every time I go to my studio to create music it reacts in a different way. I capture mistakes and combinations of moments. I think it has its own beauty.” Sean Savage is one of a very few producers to emerge fully formed, in full command of his craft, his identity and his music. “I develop ideas and only do things that feel right to me.” Savage has displayed his willingness to expand the components of his productions while staying firmly rooted in what he does best. “My songs develop in a very specific way. They are meant to be danced to.” What differentiates Sean Savage from other producers is his inimitable sound created by blending the mechanical with the spiritual. It is ultimately about moving bodies all the while giving way to an unprecedented degree of dynamism. Wild music for the eternal soul.