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Bryaun Diaz, also known as B-OND (Beyond), is an Mexican-American singer, rapper, songwriter and music producer from Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to his listed titles, B-OND takes on myriad of other roles within the music industry. As a bilingual artist, he has perfected his craft in both English and Spanish, allowing him to attract a variety of demographics. In 2015, he captivated his fans with his debut “EP” Overdose, ranking high in streams within the first month and gaining recognition across the globe. His debut album, Rhythm & B-OND (R&B) is set to release in late 2017 featuring collaborations with many local Vegas artists. 
 Born and raised in Sin City, B-OND developed a love for music at the ripe age of 5. He embraced many genres of music which have all influenced his inventive style. Throughout the years, B-OND has established a passion for songwriting and pairing real life experiences with original sounds. “I believe music has the ability to make listeners use their imagination and go somewhere else. I hope to captivate every listener’s mind once the melodic fusions enter their soul, causing an instant vibe that can only be defined as one word... LOVE.” -B-OND 
 B-OND has various projects in the works that are set to debut early next year. B-OND is confident his new album (R&B) will establish him as a young artist on the rise. He hopes to expand his entrepreneurship throughout Las Vegas and become a role model for other aspiring artists.

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