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Kieu Tho Mellow's real name is Huynh Thi Kieu Tho, born in 1998 and raised from Ben Tre. Although growing up in a family with no art followers, she has enjoyed music since a very young age. At 18, she said goodbye to her hometown, Ben Tre, and went to university in Saigon. Fortunately, she found a part-time job with her passion, which is to be the idol of TalkTV. So working while studying until the age of 19. But not long after, she had to temporarily study because her family went bankrupt and did not succeed. That makes Kieu Tho have to put aside her passion to become a worker in Tan Thuan export processing zone. Everything seemed like she had to connect with her passion. After 6 months of hard work, I was able to return to my passion for singing professionally, in cooperation with Mellow Music Producer. And the name Kieu Tho Mellow has been known to everyone ever since ♥ Show at Kieu Tho Fanpage reached 800,000 Followers and Youtube Kieu Tho Mellow reached 600,000 subscribers.