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Quarto Ensamble in an electric guitar quartet borned in Valparaiso, Chile in 2016. The ensemble dedicates his work to investigate, creation and perform electric guitar quartet repertory, exclusively in the academic, contemporary and generally art music, including some collaborations with interdisciplinary art performances. Since the beginning the interest of the quartet had been the exploration and exploitation of the sonority’s resources provident from the experimental electric guitar, using the instrument and the accessories to the generation of what we call music. On the other hand, with this renovated vision about the electric guitar and non-happy with the specific audience to this kind of music, Quarto Ensamble with some special government programs, had taken this phenomenon to child and young audience, going to perform special programs to primary and secondary schools, encouraging these little children to research and get interested by the sonorities of the electric guitar. The ensemble had always worked with the composers who write music for them directly of indirectly. Some of the composers that had work with Quarto Ensamble are: Sebastián Bauer (Arg); Valeria Valle (Chi); Stefan Hejdrowski (Belg); Sebastian Vergara (Chi); Cristian Mezzano (Chi); Ismael Cortez (Chi); Moa Edmunds (Chi); Giordano Véjar (Chi); Marco Oppedisano (USA); Kyle Gann (USA); and a long etcetera. https://quarto-cl.webnode.cl