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Buffalo, New York's Del Paxton released their first EP, Worst. Summer. Ever., in August of 2013. During that time the band played their worst shows and wrote their worst songs, but became the very best of bad friends. Many bands in the ever fickle pop-punk or emo genre tend to tout their pureness of heartbreak, but not Del Paxton. Less weathered bands perform with the fresh optimism of the first winter snow. Del Paxton is the gritty morning commute. Their songs are short angsty brushes of fury. The brush that cuts across your windshield as your head counts seconds, the scrape across your headlights as you run out of time. Del Paxton captures the intensity of impending lateness. The latest release from the Buffalo trio is a set of three singles that takes their well-earned reputation for precision songwriting and slowly warms it over a campfire. Campfire cooking by its virtue is small in portion but large in reward. You’ve packed in the perfect ingredients, gathered the wood, swore out loud to yourself, and eventually decided it was time to eat. It’s the best meal you’ve had in some time. You think about your Dad, you think about your ex, you think about your cat. It’s been a few years since the last Del Paxton release, but don’t worry, you’re better now and so are they. Enjoy your summer. - Joe McGrath