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Meet VNCCII, a young electronic music producer/rapper/singer-songwriter/DJ that has crafted a strong authentic vision and fresh sound palette. She strives to push forward both music and cultural boundaries across a multitude of platforms being music, gaming, audio-visual, technology and fashion. As the line between humanity and artificial intelligence blurs in real time, we march closer toward the singularity. With this in mind, VNCCII has created a 3D cyborg avatar. She is your answer to your futuristic heroine, navigating her way through a Utopian or Dystopian future - an innovative audio-visual project that extends from screen to stage with a fusion of both DJ and live sets. Will A.I be humanity’s answer or is it human nature’s undoing with the imminent threat of the Singularity? Who knows… if she is not conquering the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality, riding the space wave in her Model X, you might just see her appear as a hologram right next to you on stage. .. Magnetic Mag - "Strong authentic vision and fresh sound palette" Nocturnal Times - "One of the most creative and immersive acts to rise in 2020" Earmilk - "Everything from classical music to AI, VR, and sci-fi concepts fueling her artist project" Tone Deaf - "Dystopian rebel, neon-pop heroine, and saviour of the future of music" Run The Trap - “Citizen A.I ignites into a sonic storm that will leave you speechless"