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For melodic house DJ Zank, music isn’t just something he stumbled into doing — it was an intrinsic need; a gravitational pull. Throughout his adolescence he was around all genres of music & played all sorts of instruments, focusing mainly on drums, guitar, and singing. It’s within this unique blend of both experience and technicality that has been the catalyst for Zank’s sound; a mixture of dreamy soundscapes, uplifting melodies, and euphoric hooks. With a deft touch & a knack for production, Zank creates his synth sounds from scratch and layers them with audio samples recorded throughout his travels when he tours, like bird calls from the mountains of Utah, or the crisp sound of a machete chopping through a coconut in Mexico. His debut single “Sing My Love” showcases Zank’s artistry succinctly. “I was living in northern Baja, Mexico during some of the particularly rough days of the pandemic,” he describes. “I was sharing a beautiful ocean-view home with a good friend and producer. We were both there doing the same thing: taking a break from the news and shut-downs going on at home. Sing my Love came from those sunny days in Mexico.” Zank collaborated with Swedish artist Storme, who brought a unique touch to the song. “I sent her the raw track and right away, she sent back an idea with gorgeous words and an immediately identifiable hook in “dream us away”. She really encapsulated the moment I was going for with the melody of the song.”