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Described once as ‘like a cross between ‘Flight of the Conchords and Sesame Street’, London based kids music duo Top of the Bus comprise Jenny (Georgia, USA ) and Charlie (Derby, East Midlands). The two met at the garden fence - they were neighbor's - and bonded over a shared love of the song-writing of James Mercer and Paul Williams. A dearth of ‘children’s music that grown-ups might actually like too’ was identified, and songs were written. House gigs were played to friends and family, and crucially, neither children nor adults fell asleep, walked away or started to cry. As requests came in from their ‘fans’ for cover versions of their favorite

kids songs - but not in a ‘plinky-plonky’ way and with real instruments and nice harmonies - the band threw themselves into the Great Children’s Song Book. And now, with lots of classic tunes recorded, for example popular Sleeping Bunnies (hop hop hop) and some originals, too, all you have to do is climb aboard, and enjoy the ride … gettit? because they’re called Top of the Bus?…