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The journey began one late night in January 2006, a mail from Noise Singapore. Mika released Elektone’s first single ‘Damn This Disco’ on MySpace. The love for shoegaze bands led to their longest member of the group, Eswandy Sarip, vocalist for then Big Red Moment. Already a fan of the lad’s dreamy faded vocal style, the chemistry was timeless. Elektone has since opened for notable guests performing in Singapore namely Jens Lekman, Moderat & Goodnight Electric. They’ve also rocked Fred Perry’s SubCulture 2010 & Music Matters Live 2015. Now as studio recording artists, Mika is a full-time audio producer & mix engineer for Laekwon Yo, Disko Biscuit, Han-San & The Pinholes. Eswandy is vocalist for Disko Biscuit & instrumentalist for Hell Low. In 2017 they released a hit cover ‘The Girl From Katong’ originally by the band Serenaide.