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Minosa is the solo project by Texas native artist MIR. While MIR's main instrument is the guitar, the Texans talent proves to be extraordinary in songwriting and being a multi-instrumentalist. These skills are perfectly shown off in MIR’s solo project called Minosa in which she combines styles of Prog Metal, Jazz, Funk, and Progressive Post Rock. An outstanding feature of Minosa’s works are the intelligent and polyrhythmic structures which drive the sound forward. Above the shifted rhythmical backbone, MIR creates multiple layers of progressive sound using guitars and synths. Altogether this builds up a highly versatile work that defines the intelligent sound of Minosa and allows MIR to cross multiple genres from Heavy Metal to Djent that easily floats into the classic psychedelic spheres of Jazz and Funk. The synth layers help create an atmospheric sound that reaches from Post Rock to modern Classic realms, while the added cinematic elements create the framework and several of the sweetest musical moments. The lead guitar obviously plays the main role in MINOSA and is where MIR shines. The lead guitar hovers over the layers, joins its game and from time to time wanders into eclectic soil without neglecting the musical themes. Minosa easily combines a colorful and versatile set of styles and genres and merges them with great ease.

Minosa is a hot tip for fans of , Polyphia, Plini, Intervals and many others. Merch @ minosa.bigcartel.com Instagram @mirminosa