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VENERA is not a space probe from the former Sowjet Union but a Post-Hardcore-Band from Stuttgart, Germany, although they named themselves after their fascination for aerospace. Nevertheless, their missions are quite comparable: A breakthrough is to be achieved driven by heavily power. True to the motto - The Sky is Not The Limit! The music of the five guys is more than just another copy in the cosmos of all the Harcore-Bands where they belong to. Catchy melodies along with energetic hooks and mixed with a well dosed portion of heaviness result in an explosive fuel in order to convey one thing the most - Enjoying life to its fullest! In May 2016, the fleet entered a renowned space station near Nuremberg, Germany, to record their Debut EP "Daydreamer". Under the guidance of the much talented producer Alex Adelhart (e.g. We Set The Sun, Coldburn) at Ghost City Recordings near to Nuremberg, Germany, the songs were being polished to a high gloss. A first milestone has been set. With the outcome of six songs, every one of them more killer than filler with a constant drive to it and lots of dynamics, they take their listeners to an exciting journey to unkown spheres. This wide range of sound is not only likely to the Hardcore Kids, but for everyone calling rock music their home.