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Hello my dear listener. I am an American of Russian descent, living in the foggiest yet the cutest city of the sunny state of California, the city of San Francisco. Per my mom's words, I was running around with my favorite vinyl, screaming: "muzika, muzika", since I've learned to run. My love to music continued on till this day. Composing music, makes me happy. The fact that you get to listen to it, completes me. You following me on Spotify, inspires me. Therefore definitely don't hesitate and follow me on Spotify. I love to experiment with music genres, but mainly compose EDM. However definitely not without distorted guitar. My most favorite three genres are Trance, Metal and Drum'n Bass. I bet you can tell that from listening to my music. Mixing Metal with Trance led to the invention of my own genre, which I dubbed: "Rock'n Rave". You can read more about Rock'n Rave on my website, URL is at the bottom. As the composer I go by "EYEgor" [eye-gor], but I release my music under the project name: "Megadance". You can call me EYEgor the Megadance. I definitely hope you love my imagination in the musical form. Thank you for taking a listen and definitely check back, new tracks are on the way. As part of the mask awareness, I used my canvas space to promote masks. Please wear your mask. In 2021, we are still in pandemic. My contact is on my website: "". Stay safe & love you all!