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Hogz in Dandyland is the moniker that artist and multi-instrumentalist Brad Hogge goes by with his intriguing mix of dreamy acoustic and electric indie rock. The debut album Across a Miracle is an eclectic mix of keyboards, diverse layered acoustic and electric guitars, and all manner of other country-fried instrumentation from banjo to harmonica! Hogge, aided on drums by Miguel Urbitztondo (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, Sparklehorse, Daniel Johnston), weaves almost ethereal layers of relaxed guitars and smooth country vocals, which work to good effect. Psychedelic is an understatement for this beautifully weird concept album that oozes neon melodies and originality. A skillfully played instrumental concept album with mystery-spun fantasy, in an extraterrestrial world! Hogz in Dandyland's second record, Dr. Grimm’s Parade, in memory of Entomology professor Dr. James K. Grimm. Produced by John Morand at Sound of Music Studios (Richmond, VA), Brad Hogge paired up again with Miguel Urbitztondo on drums and percussion. Hogge continues as the primary singer/songwriter, utilizing guitars, bass, and various other instruments.

New record on the way for late 2020.