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turn turQuoise is the brainchild of singer/songwriter VEra Joppig from Freiburg, Germany, who released the debut album "StormBrides" through her own label. Currently a solo project, set on computer as digital/virtual band, it is meant to soon grow into an actual group.<br>Hardly ever doing things the way other people would, has made for an interesting life and VEra's music does not quite sound like anyone else's. She sings about life's crises (Pain, Where Do They Go), longing (Sphere of Hope, One Ordinary Day), surrealist paintresses (StormBrides), Bali (cloves &amp; mangoes), food speculators and her TV (Cannibals at Work, Window to the World) and

swimming against the tide (Unstoppable Now, Slowest Way to Die). <br>