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In The Strumbellas story, happiness and heartbreak go hand in hand. The Canadian collective had been riding high in 2019 on the success of its fourth album Rattlesnake with performances across the globe including festival slots and a rendition of lead single “Salvation” on Late Night with Seth Meyers. After heavily touring in 2019, lead vocalist Simon Ward realized that his depression, something he’s dealt with over the past 15 years, had progressed into something he was no longer able to manage on his own. Ward was hospitalized and placed under doctor supervision. The group collectively decided to cancel its highly anticipated Canadian tour in early 2020, intent on giving its frontman the time and space to heal. With the group on hiatus through 2020, Ward spent his time focused on his mental health and finally felt the spark to create music with his bandmates, intent on weaving his personal issues into the band’s music (Spirits, We Don't Know) and message. Greatest Enemy is a song about one person's struggle alone, but then all of the voices are singing together. The Strumbellas are Simon Ward (lead vocals/acoustic), Jeremy Drury (drums/percussion), Isabel Ritchie (strings), Jon Hembrey (guitar) and Darryl James (Close Kicks - bass). It's the sound of us working together and helping each other and doing what we love. The Strumbellas may be unsure when they’ll be able to play for their fans again, but there's a clear spark of optimism surrounding "Greatest Enemy."