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Siobhan Anderson, otherwise known as Static Cosmonaut is an electronic musician, producer and creator hailing from Glasgow. Electric at heart, Anderson had acoustic beginnings having been introduced to piano at aged 7, then a few years later guitar. It was with these instruments that she started experimenting with melodies, rhythm and song writing. With her voice and guitar, she began to record her music onto her computer, experimenting with looping, drums and layers. In 2015, her acoustic track ‘Blue’ made it to the final of National Song writing Competition held by Future Music, for which she created a drum backing track on Logic. In doing so, she found a love for a heavy drum beat and started focussing more on the percussive elements of her tracks. Before long she was making danceable electronic music as a self-taught bedroom producer, inspired by the prolific Glasgow Techno and electronic scene. With a view to sharpen her technical capabilities and improve ability to express creative ideas she moved to London in 2018 and began studying at Point Blank Music School. Here she was able to spread her creative wings and improve her skills in the studio. Although generally nonconformist to a strict genre, Static Cosmonaut sound envelops Breakbeat and Electro with elements of Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Garage with clear influences from the likes of Kieron Hebden, Portishead and Modeselektor. The main focus of her sound though, is the focus on energy, feel and groove.