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Launched in 2009, Espresso Manifesto is more than a creative exploration. It’s a mission. Nardi, the award ­winning Italian-­Canadian singer/songwriter/producer created Espresso Manifesto to “discover, showcase and reinterpret the scintillating spirit of Italian music and culture. Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto is a primarily jazz influenced ensemble. It’s infused with an earthy, hip, groovy, playful, passionate energy. Nardi explores these with every album she records and every concert she sings. This vast collection of undiscovered musical gems spans everything from warm emotions to the dark underbelly of the human psyche. It has universal appeal. Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto transcends all cultural and language barriers. Awards include: Best Female Vocalist - Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Best Group Nomination - Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Best Female Vocalist - Best of Now Magazine Best World Music Group Nominee - Toronto Independent Music Awards