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Recorded and produced by Dino Brandão himself and mixed by Bertrand Siffert (The Young Gods, Sophie Hunger) Bouncy Castle is a first glimpse of the incredible talent of this young artist. With this song, Dino Brandão spreads out the small map of the pop music world in shifting proportions. He has an eye for baroque, ornamentation and old percussion, plays on foggy synthesizers and kicks his drum machine, dancing with his broken mirror image. Identity does not mean being one and the same, but several at the same time. Angola and Switzerland at the same time. Flying and falling at the same time. With his music, Dino makes heads swirl and the splinters of his identity fly high. With a choir, Dino Brandão remains a cancioneiro. Delightfully tangled in all directions, Dino Brandão can be all this without losing himself, whirling on the shards of his reflection.