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In his own words, Graf Cratedigger is a "young dude with an old soul." The Polish producer is heavily influenced by the golden era and countless soul, jazz & funk records. So far he made four vinyl records (LP's) and a few cd's and digital only releases. The latest showcase of his 12-beat style with hard drums and chopped and slowed samples, was on the instantly sold-out record 'Between' on Queen Size Records. Sixteen tracks, three emcees, two DJs, and a bass guitar player. And of course Graf himself on the MPC, old samplers, analog and digital synthesizers, and tons of vinyl. Actual list of used equpiment: Akai s950, Akai Mpc Live, Boss Sp 202, Korg Ms 20 mini, Microkorg XL+, turntable, vinyl, DAW and plugins.