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"As a student of music (I am studying two degree programs parallel: 1. piano and keys, jazz&pop and 2. composition for film and theatre at the University of the Arts in Arnhem, ArtEZ, NL) I always face the challenge to produce high quality music. This process already starts for me with improvising on the piano, having the main themes of the actual project in mind, following by writing a score before I finally drop all these ideas in my sequencer. Meanwhile I had many opportunities to work with different directors for film and TV from Los Angeles (US) to Europe, as well as with radio stations in the Netherlands. Besides this I really like to work with different artists to produce EDM pop music and also play live with them on stage (Lanzensticker) and release the music exclusively under my two labels TCBYML and FEDALEX Music UG. Therefore, besides my experience I have already earned, I try to communicate in a collaboration music project as much as possible and synthesize all different talents from the affected musical artists to get the best result. In doing so, I put a lot of effort in planning and execution of the respective musical project, especially in relation to deadlines in a collaboration. One of my last Singles released was a cover song of "I'm so excited" by The Pointer Sisters. My Single "Me or You" got featured in editorial Spotify playlist Feeling Good, Feeling Great, another Single of him "Just from the Start" got featured on New Music Friday NL."