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Hello. Happy Thursday. Today I'm in the mood for Club Classics Vol. One by Soul II Soul. BIO: Tobias is a UK electronic artist and filmmaker. Brought up in a house with no TV (politics or finances or maybe decide) his influences were BBC Radio 4 (speech) and the Radio 1 chart (music). When the Electro Street Sounds LP came out in the UK he would create mix tapes out of speech samples and electro beats using twin tape decks with a third deck for overdubs. Successful sections would be compiled using a razor blade and sellotape. He now does roughly the same thing but with more lyrics and less sellotape. THE COLLABORATION PART: Tobias has collaborated with Kirsty Hawkshaw on Let It Go - Fibratus Mix,

I Am Fya on Politician Thief (Don't Sub My Liminal) - Original Mix and Tokyo based artist/producer Nave on Like Scripture feat. Tobias Zaldua and False Hope - Breathing On Mars. SOME THANKS: Thanks for listening to the tunes, as chances are you didn't come here because of the algorithms.