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Tobias Zaldua


  1. 1.
    False Hope - Nave
  2. 2.
    Impossible Trees - Zadquiel Remix - Zadquiel
  3. 3.
    Infinite Self-Portraits
  4. 4.
    La Sombra De Ojos - Original Mix
  5. 5.
    I.S.P (Alexx Carlton Mix) - Alexx Carlton
Tobias Zaldua is a UK based electronic artist. Brought up in a television-free household his reference points were BBC Radio 4 (speech and drama) and the music charts on Sunday when he could borrow the only radio in the house.
When the Electro Street Sounds LP was released in the UK he and his friends would create mix tapes to share at school. Tracks were constructed out of speech samples and electro beats using twin tape decks with a third deck for overdubs. Successful sections would be compiled using a razor blade and sellotape. These roots inform the current cross-cutting of lyrics and switching of vocal styles.
The lyric-heavy 'Is Silver A Shiny Grey?' was released by Wellhead Records in 2013. While strongly anti-nostalgic, past styles and textures are brought in if they have a modern resonance or are simply elements that don't usually get juxtaposed. On 'La Sombra de Ojos' extensive lyrics play like a diary entry and still manage to find room to breathe as the tune switches moods and narrators. The epic "Let it go" (with Kirsty Hawkshaw) gives existential ideas a positive spin, while "Politician Thief" (featuring I am Fya) adds a pop-punk aesthetic. Frequent gambles are taken, from the falsetto of "Fall like Stars", sounding like a Munch painting come to life, to the spoken word "Do you remember when the spaceship came?"
Tobias has also collaborated on two releases with Tokyo drum and bass artist Nave.


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