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Naurea takes his past involvement with the hardcore and metal scene, sends it down the aisle and marries it with the more mainstream sound. A furious mix of EDM, dark house, industrial rock, in an amalgam of nuances giving rise to a unique and at least differentiable product. There are influences from Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails going through Slayer, Metallica and KISS to The Prodigy, Die Krupps and The Chemical Brothers. If it manages to gather in a single container a bit of horror class B cinema, desperate and automatic poetry, graphic propaganda and large doses of delirium, the most obvious result would be a project like this one. Naurea has armed a dark and parallel world, which will surely leave you with the feeling that the insane is perhaps the truth you are looking for. Another bands/projects connected with: Godes Yrre. Olimann. Sectarium. C-Men.