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Founded by Erika Boschi (vocals) and Agustin Cornejo (guitar) in 2016 following the nomination of the first place for the Toscana 100 Band competition, Sinedades is a musical and visual macroclimate within which it is possible to relax and energize oneself. Sinedades play original songs, where Latin rhythms from Brazil, Argentina and Africa meet Jazz harmony and Pop vibes.

After more than 300 concerts in several places across Italy, the first record emerges on April 5th, 2019, in collaboration with the Florentine label Black Candy Records. Ten self-written songs in which they bring together a wide musical ensemble (arches, harp, piano, percussion, wind instruments). Sinedades has recently confirmed their official line up: a powerful Quartet with two great italian musicians, Gianni Apicella on drums and Matteo Scarpettini on percussion. Whilst singing in Spanish, Sinedades explore themes of time, fantasy, travel and love.