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Tiger Cave opened MUSE «Simulation Theory World Tour 2019» show in Moscow, where they held the action "Million Handshakes”, in support of their European Music tour under the tagline: Music - against hostility, hatred, spite, violence and intolerance. 50 000 people shared their handshakes as a symbol of empathy, friendship and understanding during their performance at the show. 
 With the support of one of the biggest social network, Tiger Cave presented their Music Tour in a form of a 12-hour non-stop online music Marathon,

during which Tiger Cave got more than 3.7 million views. 
 They successfully performed at the “Park Live” Festival 2018, among such acts as Gorillaz, Massive Attack, David Guetta, Kaleo and others. 
 TIGER CAVE is an American-Russian band. Cyril and Nick perform as a duo with a sound that can rock any arena. Tiger Cave strives for a unique sound, running the sounds of guitars, keyboards, electronic drums, percussion, and their own voices through a loop-station, creating sound loops during the actual performance.