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Alt-pop singer/musician from Nashville. In addition to writing and singing, Wolf plays guitars, keys, and more on his tracks. After performing in a variety of bands touring with national acts, Sambo Wolf put aside group projects to focus on his solo work. Following the premier of Sambo Wolf's new solo project in 2018, his music and videos have been featured on Latido Beats TV, Artefaktor Radio, 102.9 The Buzz, 88.4 City FM, and played in Top Shop stores around the world. Sambo Wolf's first and second singles, Moonsmoke & Scenequeen were produced by Bryant Lowry of Jet Black Alley Cat. Both songs co-produced by Jet Black singer/lyricist Joe Jett. The Moonsmoke (Escpe Remix) was released in the fall of 2018, bringing a new take to the ambient dance tune as mixed by Electronica artist ESCPE. The fall of 2019 saw the release of Starshine, a collaboration featuring original music composition by LA Synthwave artist M.K. Khan paired with Sambo's own guitar and vocal parts, creating a soulful ambience. 2020 saw the release of the single Rollercoaster, a R&B throwback. featuring heavy synth bass and a rockin' lead piano part. The track is the first glimpse at his work with Wyatt Urban of Unkeleddii producing the remainder of the upcoming album. Sambo's latest single, Love.Language.Rhythm is an upbeat disco anthem demanding solidarity amongst fellow humans in a funky feel good dance-along. The song debuted on Artefaktor Radio's 2020 Vision.