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Roberta Miranda is a highly successful singer/composer dedicated to the sertanejo/brega/romantic repertory, styles that before the '90s would reach basically a large upcountry/lower-income audience, but after that decade it also took the urban middle/affluent classes by assault. Some of her hits are "Sua Majestade, o Sabiá," "Um Minuto a Mais," "Meu Dengo," "Chuva de Amor," "Mistério," "Dia D," "Outra Vez," "Sol da Minha Vida," "São Tantas Coisas," "Vá com Deus," "Esperança," "Rei dos Reis," and "Eu Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo." Miranda came to São Paulo (São Paulo) at eight with her family. Deciding to be a singer, she fought her parent's conservatism, working for 14 years in bars around the city. At 16, she began to sing and was hired to open shows at the Beco and Jogral, two redoubts of bossa nova in São Paulo. In that time she opened for Fafá de Belém, Rosemary, and other famous singers. After penning hundreds of songs and much insistence, her big break came in 1985, when Jair Rodrigues recorded her "Sua Majestade, o Sabiá," selling close to one million copies. Her first album as a singer came in the next year: Roberta Miranda had instant success with "Meu Dengo," "Chuva de Amor," and "São tantas coisas," selling 800,000 copies and winning gold and platinum records. On the second Roberta Miranda album were the hits "Vá com Deus," "Esperança" and "Rei dos Reis," again selling close to one million copies. Established nationally as a singer and as a composer, Miranda continues to perform intensively her eclectic mix that includes even forró, having released her 14th album in 2001. ~ Alvaro Neder, Rovi