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The World of Dust is the main outlet by musician and collage artist Stefan Breuer, based in Bilthoven (a small village near Utrecht, The Netherlands). The World of Dust makes bedroom folk with a lo-fi touch, proggy at times, slightly psychedelic and with a lot of layers. The songs are peaceful, warm and gentle, with lush arrangements, acoustic guitars and casio keyboards. His musical approach reminds one of other do-it-yourself recording artists like Mount Eerie, Sparklehorse, Robert Wyatt and Guided By Voices. Collages and music go hand in hand, creating a new, colorful world. During the live shows, visuals enhance this mystical mood. Samsara The new album Samsara, released on the 1st of March 2019, is a collaboration between Stefan Breuer and Todd Tobias (Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard). Previously contributing keyboard arrangements for 2015’s Womb Realm, Tobias created all the instrumental backdrops for Samsara’s evocative songs. A shadowy universe of forlorn beauty, this lo-fi bedroom pop experiment is shrouded in elemental imagery and laden with ennui. Intimate and wistful, Samsara mines a similarly rich emotive seam to artists like Mount Eerie, Sparklehorse and Pedro the Lion.