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Is it music? Is it real? Is it a scientific experiment? Maybe

all of it. The music: Eleanor Forte is a unique, aspiring singer, born in Japan. Although young, she is well known for many productions around the world. For Prof P she performs a variety of his songs, at the moment mainly retro style rock/pop. She is backed by a band of professional artists: Rapid C. (bass), Johnny Biab (keys), Adam “Reaper” Smithee (drums), Ludwig Chessbase (horns). The reality: Well, Eleanor is not exactly human – she is a voicebank of the “Synthesizer V” software, developed by Dreamtonics Co. ltd., a startup located in Tokyo, Japan. And the "band" is formed by other pieces of software, used to create music. But does this mean the music itself is not real? The experiment: Prof P is a real professor, researching and lecturing entrepreneurship at the DHBW Karlsruhe. One of his projects labeled “DREDD – Das ruhmreiche Ende der Digitalisierung” (“The Glorious End Of Digitalization”) addresses the future of the global value creation chains, and the consequences for the human beings included. As a self-experiment he actually