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// Jillian "Bean" White, Franky Kohn and Lauren DiQuattro met during their time at UC Santa Cruz. Day Trip began with Franky and Jillian writing songs together with an electronic drummer. Once Lauren joined the project, they fired the robot drummer and never looked back. \\ // Taking inspiration from Warpaint, The Smiths and The Cure, Day Trip fuses sparse arrangements and catchy, complex instrumentals with strong lyrics, wispy vocals and driving drums to fill the room with more sound than you could ever expect from these three sweet peas. \\ // They have gone on to play with Crumb, Douse, Taleen Kali, Foliage, Video Age, Cathedral Bells, awakebutstillinbed, gal pal, Sundae Crush, Scott Yoder, Sloth & Turtle, Weep Wave, Shoobies, Practicing Sincerity, BB Sinclair, DEWR and Alms. \\ Feel free to contact them here for booking and inquiries: