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Fantazmaz are the vital and visceral new band of Thamila Zenthofer, Raf Oliver, Chokis Costa and Edgar Avian, and they blindside you with their frenetic, melodic, metallic punk. With songs barely exceeding the 2 minute band, they are a statement as much as a band. Vocalist Thamilla has a commanding and powerful voice that soars with sass whilst providing those irresistible melodies. The stand out track ‘Corporate Behaviour’ sees her spitting poetic bile in the direction of society’s most soulless whilst ‘Does God Know Misery?’ betrays a sardonic wit amidst raw and ready guitar crunch. This is the sound of anger and attitude conveyed with a modern grunge-punk grittiness and rarely does something come along sounding so fitting for the times. (Ross Liddle - Butterflies on Pins)