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The rotating door. The staff party. The forgotten ride home. The last piece of cake. The cigarette burn. The sun through your eyelids. The noise through your earplugs. 5 adult humans from suburban Brisbane, Australia. Making music since 2008. It's been a long and strange journey with 7 different band line-ups and a lot of different styles tried out for size, but finally settling on a strong male/female lead vocal attack with a big emphasis on the songwriting first and foremost.

Singer Tim (from indie-rock-lifers Screamfeeder) has a big UK influence, having grown up there, and returned for a month of songwriting after being awarded the Grant McLennan Fellowship in 2016. Skye lives on a mountaintop, is scared of spiders and lives and writes with poetic and abstract edge. Bassist Scott is an indie-pop super-kid with his own radio show, podcast, and punk band Slumlawwd. Guitarist Arron is a jazz player. He isn't allowed to play his jazz chords, and instead uses WAWT as a channel to release his inner Mascis/Arm demon. Drummer Dan is an old punk guy from way back, now content to sit back and play songs under 150bpm for a change.