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Deep house / techno producer, Olly Pitcher, presents a cinematic sound that soars with progressive melodies, a tone that morphs through shades of light and dark, and an atmosphere that blurs from the haunted to the hopeful. His complex arrangements move in dramatic and unexpected directions before closing out on a reflective ‘note’ - the calm after the storm. Pitcher’s goal is to break out of the traditional house/techno sound, moving beyond repetition into an audio experience that transitions through chapters – while opting for instrumentation that feels live, backed up with drums that punch. Inspired by the soundtracks of epic films, and his own wild journeys into nature – from the desert to the jungle – Pitcher aims to transport the listener through a spectrum of emotions, immersive landscapes and mystical worlds. Olly's debut release also marks the launch of his record label, Reckless Romantic.