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Snowblood is both a seasoned veteran and a rising underground pop icon. As a founding member of the electro pop group Millionaires of MySpace era fame, she is no stranger to creating boundary pushing pop bangers with an erratic array of genre blends and unique vocals. She takes her sound to a whole new level on her recently released sophomore album, ”I’m Ready”, celebrating it’s release DJing Dorian Electra’s My Agenda Online After Party in October of 2020. PAPER says "[I'm Ready] is Snowblood's official entry into the hyperpop world; she brings you to 'Anthr LVL', where cannibals, robots and vampires all co-exist." Fan favorite “Crazy Fuckin Robot Body”, a hard hitting cyborg rebellion anthem, was recently added to Apple Music’s Glitch playlist, along with recent collaboration “1000k” with Rakky Ripper and Roma Radz. Snowblood’s new blood drenched music video for “I’m Ready” is the first in a series of videos she is creating from songs off the album, and be sure to expect multiple collaborations and singles throughout 2021.