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Since first playing together in 2008, their relationship grew and evolved into what you hear today. In 2010, SAINT LEGION found early success thru a demo song, however this success also came with a dose of change, rendering SAINT LEGION as a duo. They also found the magic and passion in there music with this change; a change that became the catalyst for what would come to be. Never ones to be swayed or defeated, they kept making music. A little time has passed and in 2011 SAINT LEGION grew, entertaining fans with a great live show and great music. People kept taking notice, kept connecting with the music and kept dialing in. It would prove to be a great addition to the lineup and that would bring upon their first LP studio effort, countless shows and fans all over. "Everywhere they play they are winning people over with the riffs and melodic vocal lines. Their music portrays and envelops human emotion at it's pinnacle".

Life is expressed in and through our music, as life progresses and evolves, so do we. We write music that is about real life, wrapped human emotion and human experiences. The music comes from the heart and from the soul, capturing what it means to be in this world today. It is about ups and downs, love and loss, joy and pain. The essence of human experience is spiraled in throughout these songs, like DNA.