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Indigo Keys is the California based music project of Dijon Bowden. The sound is intimate and raw, but also cinematic and orchestral. 
 The music explores the complex emotions of the human heart while also conveying the multi-dimensional nature of our cosmic experience. 
 Each album is a lush story best enjoyed when listened to in high fidelity from start to finish. 
 The first album Journey To Arcturus, released in 2016, is a twin flame love story told by powerhouse singer Annie Anton. 
 The 2020 follow up, Dijon’s Dimension, is a story of healing, expansion, and integration of the true Self after heartbreak. 
 The sound is cosmic soul: fusing blues, hip-hop, pop, r&b, and experimental styles to make something as unique and complex as America.
 This is sonic cinema for cosmic souls.