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Music manifests tranquility, spiritual connection and vibrational wellbeing. Instrumental, melodic offerings support blissful relaxation and peaceful meditation. 
This music benefits seekers of calm globally. 
 Multi-instrumentalist and composer Claudine West is professionally known as artist Earth Tree Healing.
 Decades spent unknown and entwined in rock, blues and folk/pop songwriting. Beginning with teenage tinkering’s with instrumental music. 2014 began new journeying into spirituality and wellbeing, meditation and new age music. 
 A passion for keyboards and piano tinkling, she is also a collector of different instruments. From her home studio, healing, art space and Reiki practice. Passions manifest. 
Claudine performs her music live at well-being, Mind, Body & Spirit, Pagan events and festivals. Partner Angela Barker (Tarot Reader/Psychic) accompanies with guided meditations. She has a book ‘Claudsville Blogs and Biog of a Bog Woppit’ documenting her journey. 
 Born in Nottingham, England.
A founding member of folk band ‘The Idolins’ (acoustic guitar, mandolin and banjo.) Claudine has spent decades drumming in local bands - she is doing just that and enjoying it immensely (paralleled with ETH and other projects and collaborations) look up dirty blues/jam band - Stinking Rita.
 The cosmos is built upon harmonies, rhythm and is the essence of the ebb and flow of divine healing. It's vibrations and frequencies entwine with universal life force energies. Embrace.