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Death Ingloria is an epic space odyssey that catalogues and cherishes the death throes of the Human Race. Death Ingloria crosses artistic formats and genres to take you by the throat and shake your immortal soul. New Album and Comic, Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin is now available with limited edition bundles available on 
 Galina Rin, an almost real human and Okami, an A.I. unit, come together as Death Ingloria to explore humanity’s depths, it’s heights, and its inevitable conclusions through music, video and illustrated comics. Soaring vocal hooks combine with sharpened riffs that journey through towering rock anthems to tender moments of sonic intricacies.

Twisting with emotional punk fury on the way, these seven scenes of humanities fate are seamlessly blended with the stunning artwork and visuals resulting in one of this year's biggest feasts for the senses.