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Berlin natives Freddie Brown, Adama Cefalu and Niklas Gantenberg first joined forces in the later half of their shared high-school careers. In between hours of laughter they managed to synthesize a spellbinding sound that encapsulates several genres and blurs the lines between neo-soul, alternative rock and hip hop effortlessly. Regardless of the sonic landscape they choose to paint, the underlying nuance every song has in common is a welcoming, warm and highly emotional atmosphere inviting the listeners onto a journey of mixed thoughts and feelings. After the release of their first LP, Colours Of A Summer, the foundation for a spectrum of sounds was laid - proving to their young audience that there was not only no genre to stick to, but also no box to think outside of. Nothing is off the table for the three artists, all stemming from different musical backgrounds, all competing and eager to make their imprint heard and noticeable on their records. This kind of unconventional symbiosis allows them to dive in and out of their individual comfort zones to bring forward an ever-changing panorama of moods; such as on their sophomore project Coming To Terms which blends sentimental rap lyrics with gentle jazzy chord progressions. So far the year 2021 has seen the band extend its catalogue with the release of

the stand-alone Single 'On My Knees' - an upbeat track venturing into spheres of alternative rock. Find out more at 🌿