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Matthew Hermosura is a Filipino singer-songwriter whose work reflects love, loss, family, faith, and other universal aspects of the human experience. He was born and raised in Makati City, Philippines. His first single "The One" dropped on May 2020 and he's currently working on his debut album which will be released on 2021. He is about to take you on a music journey you won't easily forget. With his distinctive and emotional vocals, quality production, and captivating melodies, the 25 years old talent has certainly plenty to offer. He's been writing songs and composing music since his highschool days. With a fusion sound that embraces multiple genres, there is no doubt that he will reach out to hearts of all ages. He lives on like an old soul, trapped in a young body, and that shines through in all that he does. He delivers beats you can't help but move to, and lyrics you can't help but being curious about.