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Courtney Askey is a musician and artist based in Leicester, UK. Performing both solo and as a band, her music is sometimes riotously noisy, and sometimes contained and reflective. Courtney writes songs imbued with storytelling and melodrama, tinged with influence from folk to shoegaze to garage rock. “Imagine the dark melodrama of Nick Cave with the briefest whisper of PJ Harvey and the Lo-Fi grunge guitars of Sleater-Kinney and you’re getting close to something resembling Courtney Askey’s musical output thus far.“ (Great Central) "Courtney Askey… Remember the name, it’s one you’ll want to be on the lookout for in the very near future." (Radsound) "Adding a gothic spin to folksy tales, Courtney’s honey-coated vocals lather mesmerising but taunting riffs in hypnotic songs that rip out your heart. Lo-fi and grungy, there’s an angelic essence to the melancholic darkness that descends across her debut album; ‘Oh! Softly Goes’." (Unidays, The Edit)